Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nimborio and Back

Walked all the way to Nimborio this lunchtime - mad dogs and Englishmen and all that! This was part of the path up…
The view coming down the hill from St Georges Church over Nimborio Bay
Closer to the water.
Lots of very pretty and thorny plants about.
Had a most pleasant lunch at Maria's Taverna on the beach, followed by a dip and a bask in the afternoon sunshine. As we left, these two kittens stopped squawking and settled down for a snooze.
A natural artist at work in the sea - wonder how long his efforts will survive?
 Two more examples we spotted along the coastline.
A pair of cute kittens on the way back.
 A great pair of horns on this goat.
 Looking back the way we had come.
 Our view of the Chorio coming down the hill.
This day a year ago, Su got her car MoT'd and I wrestled once more with a paintbrush (it all needs doing again, of course!). This is the view of our neighbour's Virginia Creeper changing colour as Autumn set in.

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