Saturday, 29 September 2012

Symi Skies, Music and Poetry

On our way to catch the newly-repaired bus up to the Chorio last night, the sunset was lovely against the masts of the yachts.
Looking back over the harbour.
We went up to the Rainbow Bar for a swift drink before heading down the KaliStrata for the benefit in aid of the refugees. It was a varied night, starting with the musicians who regularly play at Georgio & Maria's (where they zoomed off to after their spot). Then Toby played some Bach Preludes, a bit of Mozart, some Satie and Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer". George and I did a spot, and then Steve McAndrew (our surprise mystery guest!) gave us a few songs before the event finished with a bilingual rendition of an anti-discriminatory poem by a Greek schoolteacher. It was a lovely setting - the steps of the KaliStrata under the stars - and loads of people (I reckon 70+ at the height) turned up and gave lots of money to the cause.
After that, we repaired to the Sunrise for a drink. Walking back to descend the KaliStrata into Yialos, the music in Giorgio's was going full tilt after midnight, with lots of dancing. A musical night all round!
This morning in Yialos was busy - we sat and watched the bustle from Aigialos Cafe.
A reassuring sign by the Diagoras! 
The harbour was full of boats again - it seems set to be a warm and busy October from the forecasts we have heard. 
We caught the bus to go to Pedi - this was the view on the turn-around leg from Sevasti coming back down to the kiosk. 
Another nice lunch in Tolis taverna, followed by the feeling of swimming through silk (the water is so smooth) and some gentle basking in the lee of this slipway.
The sunset kissed the Pedi hillside.
It was still going on by the time we got back to our apartment in Yialos. 
This day a year ago, the weather was warm and I spent most of my day oiling our garden bench ahead of the impending winter and our forthcoming trip to Turkey. 

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