Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Symi Day 2 of Many Yet to Come

The bell tower of the church on our way to the front in Yialos for dinner last night.
Brass light fitting in the churchyard today.
We went to catch the bus up to the Chorio - the Symi was already in port, soon to be joined by the Proteus and the Agia Panagia.
A still life display on the side of a converted windmill.
Just what every home needs - a leopard skin print Smart car.
Art on the side of another converted windmill - this one is the Windmill Restaurant.
We popped in to the Olive Tree to see Jenine and Tina, and hear about their plans for moving to new improved premises in a couple of weeks or so. Great that we'll still be on Symi to see them in their new home. After that, we walked down to Pedi and had a very nice lunch at Taverna Tolis.
Looking out at the bay over lunch.
Looking at the bay from a sunbed (before I fell asleep!)
Recycling old boots into plant containers. We walked back up from Pedi Beach via the Chorio, on the way bumping into Claudia at the Sunrise and Neil at Symi Dream, so took a long time to get back!
This day a year ago, we finished our camping trip and returned home via Brean Beach. Posted quite a few photos from our trip, including this one of a Trewan Hall sunset.

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