Sunday, 2 September 2012

Up to Birmingham in the Van, Back in a Recovery Truck...

It was young Fay next door's 1st birthday today. This was the scene that greeted us first thing this morning.

Great balloons!
We went up to Birmingham to see Ben & Lena - great drive up. The only problem was - after parking the van, I couldn't restart it. One dead battery - and one dead alternator, it turned out. We arranged to be transported back home after a lunch and a lovely walk in Highbury Park, where I saw this bee emerging from a Himalayan balsam flower.
It was a glorious afternoon, and Bella really enjoyed herself diving in a pond and chasing sticks. 
Then it was time for the van to be put on the back of the flat bed truck (incredible feeling of deja vu at this!). The driver was really nice, and let Bella in the cab rather than being stuck in the van on the back of the truck. He also detoured to let Su and Bella off near home before dropping me and the van off at the VW garage. I know what I will be doing tomorrow - the joys of owning an old vehicle…
This day a year ago, I was at the site of the next day's street party, as well as practising with Bob Lang (with news that Frank - our erstwhile bassist - would be putting in an appearance as well!)

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