Thursday, 13 September 2012

Warm to the South, Cool to the North

A lovely sunny bright morning - what a change from yesterday's mainly drizzly day. Took Bella out for a walk and decided that I am just a shadow of my former self:-).
 Clouds and vapour trails merging in the sky.
Dappled sunlight filtering through the trees.
Different part of the sky with wispy clouds. It was such a bright morning, and really warm in the sun. 
A neighbour's michaelmas daisies looking good.
Our front garden faces due South - warm enough for this butterfly (not many seen this year at all) to settle on a leaf and sun itself long and happily enough for me to get within a foot of it.
Later on, I leant out of the upstairs front window and picked the last of our grape harvest from the vine.These have benefited from some more sunshine than the first picking, and are really sweet.
Took Bella for a stroll up to the chemist to get a prescription, and then stood chatting to neighbours. What a difference the change in the weather can make! The sun reflected brightly off the glass over a neighbour's door.
It's fine as long as you are facing South in the sun, but facing North the temperature is very different - a cool breeze makes our back garden quite chilly at times, even with the sun out. Various tasks for getting ready to go to Greece done today - it is forecast to be 36ยบ on Rhodes on Saturday, so we'll have a warm start to our month's sojourn on Symi!

This day a year ago, our WiFi was going really slowly so just a short picture-less posting that day.

Off to see the premiere of "The Welsh Boy" tonight -  at the Ustinov Studio (part of the Theatre Royal), for which Janie is the Stage Manager. Review tomorrow.

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