Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sniffing Bella, The Problem With Reds, Off to Timsbury and Wood Delivery

This morning, I took Bella on a walk we haven't done for some time, so every blade of grass and twig had to be sniffed intently. It was therefore a longer than expected walk that gave me to time to notice things - like this pretty pendant resting, not on red velvet, but the top of a flaking postbox
A casualty of a parking mishap? 
One major issue with my iPhone camera is that some colours don't come out well. Purples can be tricky, but reds in particular are hard to get any definition with. So, this flower photograph had to have the contrast and the saturation quite severely reduced to achieve any detail at all.
These bindweed flowers come out in all their detail.
Here is Bella sniffing an extremely interesting patch of vegetation after being called from up the hill.
We went out after lunch to Timsbury to look at a possible house for us to move to. As a component of our scheming to move to Greece, we need to downsize our UK base - but this is a continuing saga with no obvious resolution yet, so keep on watching this space!.Went past Bath's splendid Lansdown Crescent on the way - they had a small flock of sheep grazing the grass down the hill from here (used instead of a lawn mower!).
The Moscow State Circus is in town, and we guessed that this wagon was joining the encampment in Victoria Park. 
Lots of car transporters about on the roads at the moment - we surmised that this is because of the recent changeover to the "62" registration plate this month.
Went past my favourite church spire in Marksbury again on our way to Timsbury. You can see three of the four little turrets in this shot.
Just along from the nice house we went to look at, I noticed this postbox ("Post your prayer requests in here and we will pray for you.") on the house next to the church. Wonder what the prayers pray for (please stop leaving prayer requests?).
Came home to meet up with Keith from the Hope and Homes for Children charity who was due to deliver a load of wood for us to burn in our woodstore. Found him already parked up and all the wood offloaded, which was very much appreciated. Just as well we had left our traffic cones to reserve the space for his wagon while we were out. We then just had to truck the wood through the house…
…  to the woodstore. This is the fullest we have ever had it, as a consequence of our decision to burn only wood (and not coal) in our multi-fuel stove. I carried the logs through (and clumsily dropped one on Su's poorly toe) while she stacked them up. "It's like dry stone walling, but with logs," she said. "Dry log logging."!
A lovely sunset this evening, a bright end to an otherwise cloudy but warm day. Hope this bodes well for tomorrow's weather.
This day a year ago, I posted a selection of pictures from the Street Party the day before. These were the winners of the fancy dress competition - the conjoined aliens Flobadoodah and Flobadeedah.

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