Sunday, 9 March 2014

Nothing but Blue Skies

A glorious day - cloudless blue skies and warmth in the sun's rays. Not a day to stay indoors, so we headed off for Westonbirt where this dogwood blazed out in the sunshine.
Camellia bushes have come out, and were being visited by some keen big bumblebees. 
Not a cloud… 
More dogwood, with added dog… 
 Blossom coming out all over the arboretum as well.
Pussy willow catkins opening up in the sun. 
Piles of trimmings from recent tree clearing in Silk Wood. 
At home, Su spotted this royal admiral butterfly, also enjoying the sun before it flew off.
To counteract our Chinese food withdrawal effects, we headed off to Bristol for a late dim sum lunch at Dynasty. Spotted this veterinary ambulance (looked like a van to me!) on the way back to the car.
This day a year ago, I was greeted by these balloons whilst feeling fragile after our fundraising party for some reason.

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