Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Longer Than Usual at UWE And Smoking Shelter

I was at UWE early this morning after being at Frenchay Hospital for an X-ray on my back (more news as and when…). On my way to hang out in the Music Technology staff office for the morning, I spotted this electronically themed cartoon.
After my project supervision session (one student out of six today!), headed back to the van and saw this new poster by the entrance to the P/Q Blocks foyer
I looked around to see if I could spot one of these smoking shelters and only saw this bin that people stub their cigarettes out on. 
Going through the foyer and out the other side, I noticed a transparent bus shelter-type structure identified by this sign.
Turning round I saw a group of students smoking by the foyer entrance rather than in the smoking shelter.
In the smoking shelter, I chatted to these three jolly students actually using it for its intended purpose.
Spotted in the tarmac of the Car Park. 
This used to be a bank that people used to scramble over - now there is a more accessible way through.
This day a year ago, Su gave me a lift to UWE on a very misty morning as this view from Freezinghill Lane shows.

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