Sunday, 31 October 2010

Readers on Five Continents - and we're working on a Sixth!

Showed Su the stats page on Blogger yesterday and we got very excited - we have readers from 5 continents, and Su just wrote to a friend in Australia today.  I don't know of anybody working in Antarctica, but please feel free to let them know about us if you do! To celebrate we have added the Blogger stats widget ------>

Su's techno-fetishism knows no bounds, as we were at the Apple Store today playing with an iPad! When you want one, you can always come up with lots of good reasons... Let's see what Santa thinks :-)

Yesterday, coming back from the seaside we saw this very freshly carved sculpture near Bristol airport:-

Today's walk with Bella in my favourite place offered some wonderful views:-

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  1. I saw that sculpture yesterday as well. No, I have no idea what it is either. Let me know if you find out.