Friday, 8 October 2010

I dream of Symi!

Here are just two reasons why I want to go back to Symi and stay as long as possible. Architecturally it's the most beautiful Greek island I've seen so it's a joy just to look at. I must confess that I've not got further than the beaches via taxi-boats so not familiar with the interior but I believe keen walkers plod round the hills in the cooler months to take in the flora and views. If you want to see more pics go to (link on this page). So the latest plan is to stay for a few weeks next summer instead of travelling round Europe in the heat. Thought M would object but reckon all the talk about trains, boats etc. etc. has exhausted him so lying on a beach for a month sounds about right! Symi also happens to be the most expensive island to stay on so watch this space for what happens next!
And for all you Mad Men fans - isn't it brilliant!

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