Thursday, 6 June 2013

Skies, Paint and Flowers

Lovely sunset last night
The planting on the green at the bottom of our road is coming along well.
Cherries showing already on a couple of the trees. 
Numberplate but no car. 
Valerian in full flower. 
We had a change of heart about going off in the van, and decided to stay at home and concentrate on getting some projects sorted.  My focus for today has been the bathroom wall (again).  It started off this sky blue colour 
Then it had an coat of white as undercoat for the new colour (to be shown tomorrow after the second coat!)
The weather has been lovely again, although there has been a bit of a cool breeze. 
Inspired by the view, I adopted a different approach to the undercoat for a while. 
Took Bella out for a walk this afternoon, spotting different plants in neighbours' gardens. Nice poppies in this untended plot.
Flag irises are starting to come out. 
I was a bit bemused by this sign on two apparently tipped mattresses… 
Buttercups and grasses in Charlcombe valley. 
A great crop of red clover - ideal for the bumblebees. 
This evening, we have been out into town to see "Star Trek - Into Darkness". Disappointed by this, especially as the first in the refreshed strand was so good (although Benedict Cumberbatch was good as the villain). Liked this crane against the setting sun on the way to the cinema. 
In the car park afterwards, we  enjoyed the decorations on this old car. 
This day a year ago, it was a Jubilee Bank Holiday - and it drizzled on and off all day. Good for the flowers, though as these dog roses show. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

Thought-powered helicopter takes off

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