Monday, 10 June 2013

Changes in the Woods…

After a morning where Su wrestled with Microsoft Word while I acted as a sometimes less-than-useful adviser, we went off up to Brockham End for the first time since we returned from Greece. Found these new signs - wonder how long they'll last?
Even though the woods are privately owned, they are open for anyone to use.
At the other end of the woods, we found the Woodland Rangers base - also newly installed since the last time we were up here.
The Woodland Rangers leaflet. Must avoid alternate Sundays until the Autumn:-)
Their hut, complete with stovepipe. 
Their loo - a two-seater apparently. The mind (well mine at least) boggles. 
Wandered down to the houses past the golf course - a great view through the trees. 
Pretty flowers - woodruff, according to Su. 
New people have moved into this house. Don't think much of their taste in exterior decoration (why lizards and cow's heads?)
Looking over towards Saltford - with chickens in the parterre of Squash House.
Pretty aqua legia. 
Wild stocks growing at the edge of the golf course. 
Looking out over the Avon valley. 
The drainage system ingeniously fills these containers as drinking troughs for the cows who sometimes graze in this field. Bella didn't have a drink because she wouldn't let go of the golf ball she'd found
This day a year ago, we enjoyed Azabache, a flamenco troupe from Malaga who we saw at Chapel Arts.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

TEDGlobal welcomes robot cockroaches

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