Tuesday, 1 July 2014

End of June Daily Report

Late blog because yesterday just went by - fiddling about in the van getting it ready to go away, falling asleep on the sofa after lunch… Su baked yummy loaf and rolls.
Off to Bristol early evening with portentous skies. 
Shafts of light over the traffic. 
Our destination - the last night of their half-price June offer (before they start July with increased prices!)
Fish in the Dynasty foyer.
How else to enjoy after dinner than a trip to The Gates of Hell Ikea? Bought a clip lamp and washing up brush for the van - so exciting!!!
On the way out of Bristol passed this wacked out mural (it's been on here before but it's so eye-catching!) 
This day a year ago, we'd been to visit Ben & Lena before camping at the Clent campsite.

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