Friday, 25 July 2014

When I'm Cleaning Windows…

Spent some of the day cleaning windows - and didn't make it rain! Su took me off for a coffee up at the Hare and Hounds pub on Lansdown, which has wonderful views over to Little Solsbury and beyond as well as this tree trunk seat that Bella checked out.
The pub is a popular location.
Fell asleep in the afternoon - afterwards took Bella for a hot slow stroll and nature study excursion
More ragwort. 
This geranium is mixed in with mallow and valerian. 
Bindweed flowers all curled up for the evening - a little like trumpet lilies. 
I liked the way that the sun caught these flower heads. 
Closer view. 
Even at 7 pm, she was one hot dog (we took her out for another walk after dark which she enjoyed much more) 
Sun on umbellifers. 
Our rhubarb, only planted this year, is massive - as shown by the way it dwarfs Su's hand.
At the end of our back garden, fighting its way through the thicket of bamboo, this rose delights.
In the same place, this delicate clematis has also found a way through the bamboo forest. 
This is a winter flowering honeysuckle that has decided to open up in the middle of our heatwave! 
This day a year ago, I took delivery of the sunshades for the van - they've proved very useful this Summer.

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