Wednesday, 16 July 2014

South to Southport

We left Cumbria this morning and headed south, stopping at Forton services - not been there for many years and it's still as brutalist in its architecture as ever.
Does this sign mean that dogs need to be paid for or what?
Our destination was Southport, where we stopped for Bella to get a brief walk.
There are cockle beds along this whole stretch of coastline -not sure why these beds have been closed.
Natterjack toads breeding here.
Doesn't make this an attractive option.
A pier in the distance.
The reason we've come down here is to go and see these statues in Crosby tomorrow.
Took Bella for a walk in the nearby park this evening to find this little station.
Signs make it sound really dangerous!
The people behind the whole enterprise.
Free rides!
Stylish bandstand …
One happy dog!
Alternative energy sources on show.
Mushroom rubbish bins …
Formal avenues in the park.
Took Bella towards the dunes and saw evening primrose flowers opening out.
Pretty sunrise - bodes well for tomorrow's weather!
Pink skies all round.
This day a year ago, I enjoyed this display for St Issey's entry into Britain in Bloom.

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