Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ball Chasing and How to Glow in the Dark

Off for a late morning walk with Bella, we found a field and chucked the ball about until she was happy enough to come back to the campsite  One way to get her to look at the camera is to hold a ball at the same time!
Later on, we went out to enjoy the gradually brightening day. After a short trip into Coniston, we hit the road to Broughton in Furness, a pretty little Georgian town complete with stocks in the square! 
These are to be found at the foot of an obelisk erected to commemorate 5o years on the throne of George III 
Great old fashioned petrol pumps… 
… with these cars on the roof of the garage-cum-tea room. 
We went for lunch in here - very nice too (prize winning establishment as we found out). 
Then we headed towards the coast, passing through Millom where this statue in the square commemorating its industrial past caught my eye.
Stunning views at every turn. 
We went to The Beach between Bootle and Newbiggin. It was signposted from Bootle as being ½ mile - every couple of miles we saw a sign saying the same distance. We must have driven at least 5 miles to find it. Su spotted this discarded dummy as we climbed down over concrete obstructions to get to it.
Bella had a fine old time playing in the waves. 
Waiting for another stone to chase. 
Happy dog! 
The each had this sign at its approach - no telephone box to ring the number given, and no explanation of quite what is meant by "the establishment"! We went down on the beach when there was a red flag, and had come off for a cup of tea when we heard a very loud bang! The red flag came down not long after that, and we ventured back for more Bella time and a more extensive walk.
Starfish left behind by the receding tide. 
Looking one way, a wonderful sky over a vast expanse of beach. Small matter of a nuclear power complex called Sellafield just up the coast…
Looking the other way, great colours on the sand - and a vast expanse of beach. 
Patterns in the sand left by the receding tide. 
A jellyfish caught by the receding tide (Bella lent us her tennis ball to give an idea of its size) 
Back to the van for another sojourn sitting in the warm sun and enjoying the views across to the misty Isle of Man.
This day a year ago, we took the van down to St Issey overlooking Padstow on a campsite with just 10 pitches and its own swimming pool.

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