Friday, 31 August 2012

More Somerset touring and Bits of Bath

A lovely start to the day with clear blue skies - and a bit cool. It made our neighbours' back veranda look like part of the Riviera.
Valerian framed against the blue sky. 
Great to see this sunflower actually in the sun.
We went over to Hungerford Road in Bath - nice stone frontage to these houses.
Then it was off to Midsomer Norton via Marksbury. I really like this church steeple.
We went through High Littleton and Hallatrow.
Then it was Paulton past the old Purnell print works, now being reclaimed for housing.
Then into Norton to pick up my glasses - fixed in record time.
After that, we repaired to Whiteways Garden Centre in Bath with views over the Somerset countryside we had just driven through. Great cloudscapes as well.
After some lunch, I took Bella out for a walk up past the golf course. Saw this one thistle flower with three very pollen-covered bees drinking in all the nectar. They seemed quite drunk on it.
Thistle down was blowing in the wind, ready to scatter.
One that got away!
Another thistle flower with another very interested bee drinking the nectar..
Some small wild scabious flowers.
A bender in the making in the woods.
This day a year ago, we went to see Pedro ALmodovar's "The Skin I Live In", a good film indeed. On the way, saw this display of toxically coloured lollies in a sweet shop.
Talking of films, "Shadow Dancer" the other night was very atmospheric and tense - a couple of good plot twists. Andrea Riseborough was very good and Clive Own was - Clive Owen, as usual.

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