Sunday, 19 August 2012

Walking Around Bishops Castle

Started the morning with sight of our near neighbours on the campsite - a VW T4 Autosleeper, very similar to ours but some years younger.
Su and Bella hanging out at our encampment.
We took Bella for a walk with Robin and Bryn - in the rain, which luckily soon cleared up. Managed to get through fields of corn up into green fields for a while. Dogs duly exercised, we bundled them into the back of Robin's Landrover.
Then it was off to the Castle Hotel in Bishops Castle for a leisurely and enjoyable Sunday lunch.
Came out expecting that it would be raining heavily (according to the weather forecast) and happily surprised as the afternoon brightened up to another lovely Summer day. Saw this fairy statue outside a shop.
We then noticed lots and lots of yarnbombed pieces of street furniture - all part of a local arts festival and created by Bishops Castle KnitWits.

Found our way to the bottom of the hill, passing a house built in 1507. Walked around the churchyard.
"Praises on tombs are trifles vainly spent. A man's good name is his own monument".
"Sickness sore, long time I bore. Physicians were in vain". The rest of the rhyme unfortunately crumbled away.
Walking back up the hill, saw the results of the Stone Skimming competition! Note the many categories (and there were more categories than this!).
Probably my favourite bit of yarnbombing.
Flower Power sign.
A yarnbombed street sign.
This crest dates 1781, but no indication what it is for. More research needed!
Opposite was this spotty house. I don't know how they got away with this in such historic surroundings!
 Giant foot statue in the garden of the Castle Hotel.
This day a year ago, we resumed the blog postings after having taken Bella on her Summer holiday to Churchwood Valley. This was her first trip in our new-to-us van.
Staying on a very small campsite near friends, Nikki and Elaine, tomorrow. May not have easy access to WiFi, so blog post may be shorter or non-existent!

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