Sunday, 26 August 2012

Festival of the Tree and Primer

Out with Bella this morning, it was sunny and dry as forecast if a little cool. Saw this abandoned bunny left on a wall.
Anenomes in a neighbour's garden looked good in the sunshine.
Solsbury Hill looking good too.
Back home, I was struck by how pretty these geraniums are.
After a slow leisurely breakfast, we took ourselves up to Westonbirt to visit the Festival of the Tree - an annual Bank Holiday event.
First thing we did after getting parked was to head away from the throng into Silk Wood to take Bella for a good walk to make up for yesterday's shorter than usual walk. It was not very busy there…
Autumn has come to this Full Moon Maple already. 
After that, we went up to the festival site, to be greeted by all the fun of the fair (and, no, I didn't go on the helter skelter!).
Here's a headline! Wonder what the moth says?:-)
This old-fashioned roundabout was very popular.
The going was a bit muddy and soggy in places - after yesterday's deluge it was surprisingly firm underfoot in most places. This steam engine attracted quite a bit of attention.
We went and had a look at people carving statues with chainsaws - this one is an acorn and will be located underneath one of the oaks in the arboretum.
A trick of perspective - this boy was pointing something else out to his parents just as I took this photograph. I liked the wooden crocodile too.
We escaped the crowds and came home via an ice cream. After a bit of avoidance, I decided that I should do some more decorating in our bedroom, so I primed the woodwork ready for its top coat - emulsion calls tomorrow! At this rate, I might get it finished before September…

This day a year ago, Bob came over from Nailsea so we could practice some songs for the Street Party a couple of weeks' later. Su snapped us in mid-song…

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