Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Van on Flat Bed Truck Again

Slow start to the day, as Bella still under the weather. She didn't even want her breakfast, and barely stirred this morning so no morning walk. A little later, we went down to the van to get some more stuff out of it and she did accompany us down the road and back. Ringing up our recovery service, I happily found out that we are eligible for the recovery from home option in the insurance (I knew it was worth it!). So I arranged for the van to be delivered to the garage in Chippenham that fitted the gear box and clutch last year. While waiting for the recovery truck to turn up, I took Bella for a stroll around the block. Our neighbour's sunflowers have all come out while we've been off camping.
This one is a lovely mix of colours.
This bumble bee really liked the giant nepeta at the front of our house.
After the van pick up was postponed once, the recovery wagon arrived about 3 hours after I rang. The driver winched our trusty camper on to the flat bed.
Because the whole bed was tilting ("I've never seen that before", he said!), he lifted it just off the ground and drove it around the corner where the camber of the road was better before winching it all the way onto the truck. Then it drove away, to be worked on tomorrow.  I hope for good news  and that it can be fixed saoon.
This day a year ago, we drove our camper off to the Western Motorhomes Show at Malvern showground. It was full of people in cowboy hats and lots of shops. so we didn't tarry - ended up at Westonbirt.

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