Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bella Better Today

A grey start to the day with showers on and off through the morning. Glad to report that Bella was a lot perkier this morning. Saw these blackberries in waiting in the sun when I took her out during a dry spell.
After yesterday's limited walking, she had to take time to reacquaint herself with every sniff on the walk.
A neighbour's Michaelmas daisies.
A new series of posters in our nearest corner shop. I'm not sure that "Shop loco" is the best of slogans - let's say I'm not mad about it:-).
Later on, the skies cleared up and I took Bella out for a full length walk.
Buddleais flowers still coming out.
Saw this on a drain-cleaning van. Who is Roman Rod, I wonder?
One of the egg sellers on Charlcombe Lane had this plaintive sign (and eggs in full sunlight - gently cooking?)
Thistle down in the field glistening in the sunshine.
The umbellifers are even taller than last week!
Bella happily playing in the stream. Here she is, proudly displaying a stick she'd retrieved.
Walked down to town through a beautiful late afternoon down to the Little Theatre to see a film. Found that it was showing just across the road in their new big screen at Komedia. This is in the Beau Nash building and used to be the ABC cinema, and the upstairs is still the balcony of the cinema, while downstairs is a concert and dining venue.
We went to see "Searching for Sugar Man", a really interesting and engaging documentary - well worth seeing.
Met our neighbour coming out of the film who offered us a lift back up the hill. On the way to her car, looked up at the Victoria Art Gallery and noticed this statue for the first time (having walked past it and been into the gallery lots of times!). "HIM Victoria. Erected in loyalty and love by the women of Bath 1901."
This day last year, Su had a busy morning before we drove down to Taunton to buy an awning for the van. Came home to a lovely sunset.


  1. Glad to hear Bella is better.

    1. It's a relief - just need the van to be back on the road now |(more expensive!).