Monday, 13 August 2012

No Spotting Shooting Stars Here!

It was another wet day, as this spider's web shows. Although the rain stopped about midday, the skies have stayed grey. Once more no likelihood of spotting Perseid meteors this year - it's so predictable!
Walking Bella this afternoon, spotted this well-tagged skip.
Not sure if these qualify as abandoned footwear, or if they are just waiting for their owner to return…
New types of vegetation appearing as the "Summer" winds down.
One field we went in was smothered in these smaller bindweed-like flowers.
The next field was carpeted with umbellifers of all sizes, including lots of large specimens like these.
Nearer to home, our grapes are starting to look much more convincing than a few weeks ago. As it is only the vine's second year they may not taste too good, but we shall see. Managed to solve my tiling problems, and am now quite proficient at cutting narrow strips of tile. We even have some tiles left over from my practising:-)
This day a year ago, we took a charming walk to Charlcombe, where we saw this carved Jane Austen quotation.

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