Friday, 24 August 2012

Computer Time and The Van Returns Home

It was so cold last night that we lit a fire in our stove (in August!). I was struck by the detail of the patterns left by the last log we burned in it.
Took Bella out this morning in slight misty drizzle. The ragwort is starting to go to seed - you can see why each plant can produce up to 750,00 seeds when you realise that each small flower on a stem gives rise to so many seeds.
The season marches on regardless of the amount of rain - here are ivy flowers coming ready, to make ivy berries.
Spent the morning round at a neighbour's sorting out the installation of their new-to-them upgraded MacBook. This involved a lot of looking for passwords but they seem very happy with it. This afternoon, the garage in Chippenham called to say that the van would be ready to collect today. Before that, we went off to Alice Park to give Bella some running-around-after-a-ball time. Impressed by this fulsome bed of rudbeckia.
Evidence of budding Picassos on this pavement?
Seed pods on a tree.
New growth on a young conifer.
Su gave me a lift over to Chippenham to go and collect the van. This was our welcome to the town.
This day a year ago, Su was zipping about after an early start to her day. She spent some time watering her work garden, where these anenomes were in full bloom.

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