Thursday, 16 August 2012

On the Road Again

A promising start to the day- a neighbours' clematis is taking over their house in the sunshine!
Blue skies boded well for the camping trip.

A neighbours' ragged robin looked great with the sun illuminating the leaves.
The mystery hole in the pavement has been fixed.
Su has had to stay on in Bath until Saturday, when I will pick her up from Shrewsbury station. So I set off with Bella about midday, got some diesel for the van, and made it to the Bristol Ring Road just as the skies opened. Very heavy rain all the way to the M48 after which it cleared up on and off. Stopped at Tintern Abbey to give Bella a stretch and to have some lunch before heading on up the Wye Valley.
A lovely drive brought us to the bridge across the Wye into Monmouth.  After that it was fairly slow going most of the way to the campsite.
Camping in Snead, just over the Welsh border. I pulled into the campsite behind my brother's caravan. They nearly didn't make it because their caravan mover packed up this morning as they were getting it out of their drive. Luckily it was due to a dead battery, so relatively easily solved,

I spent a lot of the time since arriving trying to get our awning into the right configuration. I think it will stay up overnight:-)! I'll take photos of the site and surrounding area tomorrow. One great feature is they have free WiFi all over the site and quite a fast connection for the countryside!

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