Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Marches Off?

Out with Bella this morning, I could not believe my eyes - it looks like Autumn has started already for this tree in the middle of August, and barely any Summer so far…
Interesting arrangement of pushchair and cuddly toy.
This car has been in the wars and come off worse.
Another for the discarded items of clothing collection - one wet sock in the middle of the road.
I went over to Chew Vally Lake to meet up with Bob Lang, erstwhile mandolinist in Left at The Lights. Had a good gossip about UWE machinations, and concluded that I was well out of it (not that I had any doubts on that score!). The sun came out, so that it actually felt like a Summer's day.
This continued through the rest of the afternoon. I stopped by Homebase to pick up some more stones to go with the ones Su bought yesterday. She made short work of spreading them out - instant garden (and no opportunities for cats to use it as a toilet!). Note Bella's essential additional decoration…
This day a year ago, we suspended blog postings for essential maintenance until 19th August, so that feature will reappear on Sunday, if possible!

Tonight we are going out for supper to Yum Yum Thai, and then off to the Little Theatre to see "360". Good cast, review to follow tomorrow.

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