Thursday, 23 August 2012

Flowers and Decorating Comes Around Again

After a night sleeping on the floor in our front room upstairs, we treated ourselves to brunch at Prior Park's Secret Garden Cafe. Talked about escape plans, and what is and isn't feasible with Bella - a continuing discussion. You've probably noticed it doesn't stop us getting away! Came home and went in the back garden to get the step ladders, but ended up throwing a ball for Bella. A consequence of this was noticing the ongoing progress of the planting. Here are crab apples starting to ripen up.
Our own umbellifer, fennel has been very prolific this year - maybe we'll have enough seeds to save and dry.
Lovely scented phlox. 
The veronica has tastefully draped itself rather than standing to attention. 
The remains of clematis flowers. 
Sedum starting to get a bit of colour.
Our late-flowering clematis is doing well, despite the predations of slugs and snails.
This astrantia is happily flowering still, tucked away in its shady spot.
Expensive slug food - I had to knock one of them off the flower to take this photograph.
We were sleeping in the front room because it's that time again - when decorating needs to be done. This time, we're starting with our back room upstairs that we have been sleeping in for a few months. I have done some sanding and getting ready to tackle sugar soaping the ceiling and walls…
Took still-perky Bella out for a walk this afternoon, pausing only to take this picture of one of our many bunches of grapes. They need a bit more sun for sweetness, so here's hoping the bits in between the showers will be enough.
The stream that Bella likes to jump into was running well (she's just out of shot diving for sticks).
Mare's tail in abundance by this boggy bit of the stream.
These umbellifers are really attractive to hover flies, who were all over them in the field.
I'd love a jumper made of this thistle down - it looks so fluffy!
A neighbour's passion flower has come out since we went camping. 
This day last year, we were still catching up with ourselves from our jaunt to Taunton - when this picture of a cow licking Su's wing mirror was taken.


  1. Not a big fan of plants you can't eat, but nice photos Marcus.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Zac. All taken with my trusty iPhone 3GS.