Friday, 8 July 2011

Official Leaving Do

Today was my official leaving "do" from UWE, along with another colleague.  Thanks to all for the card, gift and free lunch :-) Here is a rogue's gallery of some of my ertswhile academic co-conspirators showing off their best sides...
 Ian Johnston
 Paul Hulbert
 Bob Lang
 Phil Phelps, Josh Ward, Richard McClatchey and (hiding) Morris Williams
 Mark Palmer & Delia Fairburn
not forgetting the cuddly Bill Braddick.

This is Ian Beeson, who has also finished at UWE today for good (apart from completing his DPhil!).  We started (me as a part-time lecturer) and finished at UWE at the same time as each other.

I too have detached from UWE to the extent that I will attend the graduation ceremony on 25th July, and I am being lined up to teach a module called Professional, Ethical and Policy Issues on a degree franchised to PEAK University in Hong Kong. This will probably see me going out there for a week in February 2012 (accompanied by Su, of course - to check out the dim sum!) and a week in April...

Back to earth after all the excitement - this was the bus back home to Bath.


  1. Does this mean I can now write that list of all the chores that need doing?

  2. Marcus will be far too busy on the allotment, picking crops for your birthday party.

  3. Excellent photography - you've made us look almost normal!