Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May Day Greek Style

Last night it was off to the Sunrise Kafeneion to play some music with George and Claire. Here is Claire showing off her guitar playing with "Mad World". I was mightily impressed and glad that the guitar was used to such good effect over the winter. Sorry to deprive Claire of it for the next few weeks…
At midnight it was Allan Robinson's birthday, whereupon a cake with one candle on appeared from behind the bar!
Later start this morning, but the Pedi valley was still looking good by the time I emerged. Today has been the Greek May Day public holiday (it is usually on May 1st, but this year it was moved to today so that it could follow on from Easter Monday yesterday. Tomorrow is another celebration day - especially for Symi, as it is the anniversary of the German surrender in Greece at the end of World War II - the surrender treaty was signed in Symi, so more tomorrow about the events around that. After that all holidays and celebrations are over for a while, and preparations for the tourist season will resume.
Some clouds around today, and more forecast for the next few days.
Down the road from our apartment the residents have constructed a bed specially for this cactus. 
On the other side of the gate is its smaller cousin, also in a shell-encrusted bed. 
You see a lot of buildings likethis in Greece - apparently unfinished while people live on the floor(s) below). This is to allow for extension later on - usually as a dowry house for a younger daughter.
You don't see so many of these in Greece these days, but these three wheeler vans used to be very common.
This stool is a novel use for a bit of old telegraph pole, with what looks like a repurposed bit of boat as a table 
Having walked down to Pedi Bay, we took advantage of the sun beds at the Pedi Beach Hotel. I even managed a quick total immersion in the sea to cool off - Su didn't get completely wet:-).
We had a late lunch at the taverna just along from there (Toli's taverna should be open next week), and enjoyed this mixed mezze plate for two - still full!
Two cute cats side by side in the taverna. After this, my phone ran out of power becuase I had forgotten to recharge it last night, so fewer pictures than of late on today's posting 
This day a year ago, we hung out in Molivos and then drove over to Skala Sikiminia, where we found a nearly empty beach before having a late lunch in the village. This was the sunset over the bay looking along the northern coast of Lesbos.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

Abba museum to open doors in Stockholm

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