Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Made It to Greece Again!

Up at an ungodly hour to go through Gatwick airport security and get a cup of coffee. This was our way to the departure gate.
We left on time and were soon above the clouds and flying into the sunrise. 
 Some time later - I think over Italy.
Over the Aegean - some unidentified islands. 
We landed in Rhodes at 11.30 local time, and were dropped off at Kolonna harbour, where we left our cases with the Olympic rep while we went off in search of some breakfast/lunch. Went to our favourite restaurant in Rhodes town, "Boukia, Boukia", and had a slap up feast.
After that we meandered past the castle and up Amerikis to the Hotel Plaza, where we are hanging out for the afternoon. Later on, we'll wander back over to Kolonna harbour and catch the 6.30 boat to Symi!!! 
This day a year ago, the weather finally brightened up and it felt like a Spring day - especially when we saw our lilac flower for the first time before we went off to Greece.
Su's news story of the day (Independent i)

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