Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Return to Agios Nikolaos beach on Symi At Last

After playing music with George and Terri all afternoon, it was off to the Symi Dream wine night on the Kalistrata steps outside the shop. As ever, a mix of familiar faces and new ones
Neil trying to photograph the assembled thronglet, who were all publicity shy.
Barbara and Richard arriving in grand style down the steps. They and the rest of their party are off tomorrow after two weeks here. Where does the time go?
The Panagia Skiadeni coming in to port. 
Walked back up the steps and spotted this lovely sky through a gap in the buildings. 
Went for supper at Giorgio & Maria's - lovely view across to Nimos when the plastic sheeting is rolled up. Joined by the Parkers' group, and then Hilary who owns the Little Blue House came in, having arrived on the island earlier in the day
Repaired to the Rainbow Barfor a digestif ouzo before making our way back to the apartment. 
Up and out relatively early today - another hot one with clear blue skies over the Vigla. 
The taxi boat to Ag Nikolaos beach started running today - we were the first people on it out of Pedi. 
Capable captain! 
The beach was virtually empty when we got there to see this view. 
Went for a couple of swims in what is still quite cool water, but great on a hot day. 
Repaired for a tasty and leisurely lunch to the taverna, joined by Caroline, Elaine and Graham 
Somehow the rest of the day just disappeared until it was time to catch the last boat back.
Clear water. 
This day a year ago, we climbed up to the donkey track right at the top of the Horio. What a great view from there!
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for full story):

Recovery College for Bristol homeless 'first outside London'

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