Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pedi Focused Days

Yesterday afternoon, we went down to Pedi for the first time since we arrived. Passed lots of flowers in bloom, including this ballerina type rose (according to my resident horticultural consultant).
The beginnings of grapes!  We'll have to check them out in the Autumn to see how they get on over the Summer. 
The Easter bunny is welcome at this house. 
 Bougainvillea flowers.
Poppies at the side of the road. 
Down at the boatyard, a novel fixing for an outboard motor.
Bottlebrush flowers in an old tin - a traditional Greek planter. 
Oleander flowers by the waterfront. 
Looking out to sea. 
All the boats are lined up along the beach for the winter. In a couple of weeks they will all be moored out in the harbour.
Through the gap is the way to Turkey. 
Lovely reflections of the hillsides in the water. 
Pomegranate flowers.
This morning started off a little cooler than yesterday - probably nearer 30ºC than the 33ºC we've been enjoying since we arrived. 
It was quite cloudy to begin with. 
I went off to George's to play some guitar and talk about music. This was the view over Yialos on the way. 
Old windmill on the skyline. 
The Georgemobile! 
Played and nattered for a few hours then made my way back to the apartment. Passed this collection on the way back - hard to tell if it might be repurposed at some future date, or has just been dumped.
Prickly pears starting to come on. 
We went for an afternoon walk again down to Pedi - it's a good distance down and back, with a paddle in the sea at the bottom of the walk! Today, I noticed this collection of wooden items - again it may be being repurposed, or it may be dumped.
The first sunflowers we have seen - very early even for Greece. 
 The fire department?
Another house ready for the Easter bunny! 
The petrol station was flying the two-headed eagle flag, which is a symbol of the Orthodox church - religious fuel?
This plant was smothered in cobwebs - a Miss Haversham plant? 
Even in Symi - abandoned item of the day 
The shadows of the slowly setting sun added depth to the hillside.
This day a year ago, we were in Mitilini town on Lesbos noticing the wide range of graffiti - including this rather blunt warning.
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

Burkina Faso: Beating river blindness by fly-catching

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