Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pedi Valley and Bay All Day

Last night, wandered off to the Sunrise Cafe for a digestif ouzo after dinner. It was busy then went quiet for a few minutes before Sarah Kent came in and bought everybody bubbly to celebrate her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Up fairly early this morning to enjoy the brilliant sunshine over Pedi Bay.
A modern still life in sunshine.
Went over to George's- very tasty stuffed peppers and tomatoes for lunch, with a great view across the Pedi valley. 
Afterwards we went for a walk. Su spotted this discarded goat's horn. 
We walked down to Pedi. 
This chicken in the boatyard was on patrol. 
Selling garlic by the long string - with a pre-recorded announcement on an endless loop over their loudspeaker. 
Walked along the marina. 
It's not finihed yet, but these loops make for handy mooring points. 
 How to climb a mast.
This oil drum has seen better days - wonder how the tree will fare without it containing the soil? 
 Another project in process?
The end of the road most definitely. 
Looking back up towards the Horio. 
Stopped for a beer in the Pedi Beach Hotel, and enjoyed the boats and sky from there. 
On the way back up the hill, saw this very pretty flower with just a hint of a purple tinge - wondered if it's an aubergine. The rate that vegetables are growing at the moment, hopefully we'll find out before we leave Symi. 
Just a hint of a fragment of rainbow… 
In the land of Pythagoras, it takes two right-angled triangles in a piece of rope to hold a fence up.
One of our local goats. 
Another two goats with a cat on watch with them. 
The sun made the sides of the valley glow. 
This day a year ago we were on four islands - albeit two of them (Chios and Samos) very briefly as our little plane touched down. We'd started on Lesbos and finished on Rhodes, ready to catch the boat to Symi the next day. 
Su's news story of the day (click on the title for the full story):

James Dyson donates £4m to new Bath cancer centre

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