Monday, 9 September 2013

Bradford on Avon visit

Went off on a jaunt to Bradford on Avon this morning. On the London Road in Bath, sat behind this wittily named van.
Parked up above the town, and saw this statue above the roof line of this house as we got out of the car. 
 A big conversion of what looked to be an old mill.
An old drinking fountain set in the wall down from the church 
This old roof made us look twice - some of those slates look pretty precarious. 
The view across the town. 
Climbed up the hill to be greeted by these two grand frontages. 
The whole district we were wandering round is called Tory - full of old buildings. So this was Tory House in Tory Place in Tory! (I've found the nest - now where's my flamethrower:-)?)
Down the hill a litlle was the old church, Chapel of St Mary Tory.
Echoes of Symi with this row of swans. Talking of Symi, we'll be there again soon - in 16 days' time. Looking forward to catching up with our friends their and their news, not least about the successfully Kickstarter-funded film, "The Judas Curse", which will be made on Symi this autumn! 
Went for a light lunch in the Fat Fowl, before wending our way back to the car and passing this topically named establishment.
Driving up out of Bradford on Avon, I am always impressed by the sheer scale of these walls. 
On the way out, passed this cottage with tiny windows set up high.
Coming up over from Limpley Stoke up towards Combe Down, the views were lovely. 
Back in Bath, coming along Lansdown Crescent in the sunshine. 
Home again, now that the kitchen is just about done (minor bits of tidying up to do), it's the turn of the back room for the decorating genies to freshen up. Nice having the empty space in at least one room at a time!
This day a year ago, I came across this work of art while out walking Bella. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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