Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sunrise, Berries and Skies

Up bright and early this morning to see a lovely sunrise.
The sun lit up next door's  back wall. 
At the front of the house, the van looked dapper against blue skies and sunny wall. 
Out with Bella, saw this butterfly resting on a leaf - it let me get very close to take this photograph before it fluttered off. 
These ragwort flowers are ready to spread their seeds far and wide - given the number each plant produces, I'm surprised there aren't many more every year.
Ivy berries ripening up. 
Elderberries ripening as well. 
This extension is starting to take shape. 
Solsbury Hill with a backdrop of big clouds. 
A nice display of white anenomes. 
Mirrored by these pink ones on the other side of this neighbours' garden. 
This afternoon we went down to Shepton Mallet via Norton St Philip - a village full of historic buildings.
One of the long straight roads of which Somerset has lots.
Went to Kniver Court which used to be a mill, as shown by this chimney in the courtyard. 
On the way home, saw this long bank of cloud. Today, again despite the forecast of a deluge there has hardly been a drop of rain all day.
This day last year, we enjoyed a walk through the recently mown fields in the Charlcombe Valley. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):
Campaigners hold Reading cannabis protest picnic

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