Thursday, 5 September 2013

Flowers, Van Time, Another Gromit and Stubble

Out with Bella, a bright start to the morning with the sunshine catching these thistles.
Flies on this evening primrose flower enjoyed the sunshine too. 
Looking the other way revealed the mist that slowly cleared. 
This sunflower has finished its blooming, but what a lot of seeds for the birds! 
Down on Fairfield Park Road, the sun dappling through the trees caught my eye.
I've not come across Lion Tours before - south-ish to Stonehenge, north to the Cotswolds (but not west to Bristol and Weston-super-Mare nor east to Chippenham and Devizes?)
From a distance, I thought the logo was two shaggy lions, but I was surprised to see these sheep. 
It was bin day today, so I guess that this hair was for collection - I didn't investigate to see if it was human, dog or doll.
Our veronica flowers are still going and attracting bees after weeks of blooming. 
We went to the tip to get rid of the debris from doing the kitchen floor, and then treated ourselves to a coffee at Prior Park Garden Centre where we enjoyed the flowers and blue sky.
Another view of the gasometer, whose days are numbered.  Soon it will be just another retail and housing development, no doubt.
Home to reinstall the washing machine in the kitchen - only had to adjust the outflow once to sort out leakage.  Then it was out to the van to enjoy the newly fitted out space.
This extra space houses lots of storage underneath. 
We went off to Westonbirt where we spotted this novel way of walking dogs using a mobility chair. 
We found ourselves by a few of the chainsaw carvings from the Festival of the Tree - the stand-out sculpture was this 5 foot high Gromit, "Arborodog".
Arborodog didn't look too impressed by this photographer. 
Admired these chestnut fruits waiting to open. 
Su took Bella off for s second instalment of her walk while I rested my knee and enjoyed the view.
I lost the will to shave a couple of weeks ago - who knows, it may turn into a proper beard! Su persuaded me to have some pictures taken of my grizzled state.
Home to a lovely sky. 
Looking the other way, the balloons were out in the sky. 
This day a year ago, the sun was out and they were making hay in the Charlcombe Valley. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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