Friday, 6 September 2013

Rain, Sunshine and Traffic Queues

Out with Bella quite late this morning for a change, spotted this dilapidated Landrover.
After last night's downpours there were big clouds over Solsbury Hill, The forecast further deluges never arrived (we're not complaining!) 
Our neighbours' sunflowers are still happily blooming away in profusion. 
Raindrops on the grass - haven't seen that in quite some time. 
Came across another Lion Tours bus parked up round the corner. Maybe they've just moved in? 
Still life with chalk and discarded toy cars in this front garden. 
It all happens in Bath - can't contain my excitement till next Thursday! 
Great road planning - build out a raised section for the buses with their new accessible platforms (a good thing), then put the us stop further out into the road and don't restrict parking opposite. Result? Traffic blockages four times an hour (when the 6 or 7 stop there) at peak times!
Su was busy reassembling the kitchen while I went out to take surplus materials back to Homebase and went in search of some Lavazza decafeinated coffee. Sat in a traffic queue near the top of Walcot Street. 
Sat in the same traffic queue just a bit further on - an opportunity to admire the Georgian architecture.
In the traffic queue a little nearer the traffic lights, an opportunity to feature one of Bath's several tattoing establishments.
This evening, after a lovely afternoon we were treated to another beautiful sky.
This day a year ago, we enjoyed a visit to Westonbirt to see the changing colours of the acers and other trees. 
News story of the day (Guardian website - click on the title for the full story):

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