Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gloomy Skies, Bath Buildings and Fulsome Woods

Today this blog is three years-and-a-day old - blog post Number 1103. Out with Bella this morning it was a grey start to the day as per the forecast, which unfortunately continued to be accurate all day (i.e. no sun).  Still we'll be on Symi in 4 days time, so not too long to wait:-)!
Once again I crossed the Rubicon (can) - not as epic as Caesar's exploits. I do wonder if the people who choose brand names actually understand their significance and possible meanings!
Went off to Sainsburys to pick up some euros ready for our trip and did a spot of shopping whilst there. Went round Queens Square on the way back - sometimes forget how stunning Bath is just driving around it.
Later this afternoon went out with Su and Bella via Larkhall. Parked opposite the lovely cafe, Ma Cuisine.  Good to see that it seems to be doing well 
Also opposite the wonderful Goodies, shut by this time on a Saturday afternoon - just as well as it's an endless source of gastronomic temptations. 
Outside one of Bella's favourite-smelling shops, Bath Pets, and just down from the excellent Langridges
Leaving Larkhall, we passed this wedding party walking away from St Saviours church. 
A quick dip into town outside Waitrose, looking down towards the old Habitat building and opposite the old Post Office building.
We stopped briefly opposite St Michael's church - a grand Gothic lump of stone. 
Then it was up to Primrose Woods to walk Bella. She found a discarded tennis ball before we even got through the gate! This rose bush was laden with hips.
Sambuca still with flowers - soon the leaves will be a riot of reds and oranges as autumn sets in. 
These purple-ish big fat rose hips shone at us. 
 This buddleia is still flowering merrily away.
This day a year ago, we spent literally hours sitting talking with Hilary in Agialos and watching the Iapetos horse and carriage go past. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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