Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Made it to Rhodes - Symi This Evening!

Up at 4 am - time for a shower and a drink before striding out into the foggy pre-dawn mystic atmosphere of Gatwick Airport.
Into the Departures area on our way to security and feeling as fuzzy as this photograph suggests. 
Met up with Steve and Kerry Finch and walked along to the departure gate with them - going down this long, steep descent on the way. 
An interestingly decorated and lit wall alongside the escalator. 
At the gate, waiting for the queue to get on the plane to shrink before joining the end of it.
 On the plane as dawn tinged the horizon.
Su's guest photograph of the day (no news story today) was this beauty taken a couple of hours later as we flew over mountains, snow and glaciers in full sunshine.
Shared a taxi from the airport to the Plaza Hotel with Steve and Kerry, and have hung out by the pool and inside for the afternoon. They left to catch the 3 o'clock Blue Star ferry to Symi - we'll be on the 7 o'clock Spanos boat!
This day a year ago, we walked from Yialos up the Kalistrata and down toPedi, where we caught the taxi-boat to St Nichols beach before walking back up the hill and down again to Yialos. 

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