Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Grey Skies, Autumnal Sights and White Paint

Out with Bella this morning, I spotted the first of this season's abandoned hair bands.
Holly berries on their way to being red in time for Christmas. 
Golden rod standing proud against the cloudy skies. 
The last flush of flowering from these nettles. 
Spotted this advert on the side of a call box, and thought for a moment that it was targetting tax avoidance. I should know better - just another element of the Tory government's attack on people without much money rather than on their rich chums who they let get away with much, much more than the poor ever deprive the Treasury of.
Went out this afternoon, and noticed these prison-uniform type arrows on our neighbour's house. I only walk past the house every day, and it's taken all this time to spot them! 
Saw these wild cyclamen blooming as we drove down the A36. 
We went to Middlestoke and had a wander around. Spotted this above the old school. 
An old Baptist chapel - nearly 200 years old. 
Lots of names on the war memorial for such a small village. 
Then we fought our way through post-school traffic to take Bella for a walk in Primrose Woods. I did about half of the walk before heading back to the car to nurse my still-recovering knee while Su and Bella strode it out for a bit longer. 
This evening, I returned to my activity of applying white emulsion to the back room. Today I have been concentrating on vertical surfaces rather than horizontal ones, so now all the walls are done as well as the ceiling. Tomorrow, the fireplace beckons, and then I might graduate onto satin wood for the skirting boards! Never mind, in just two weeks we will be on Symi!!!
This day a year ago, I admired this rose in our back garden. 
Su's news story of the day (Western Daily Press website - click on the title for the full story):

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