Monday, 16 September 2013

Bubble Wrap, Packing, Conifers and Clouds

Out with Bella for a stroll last night trying to photograph the moon behind scudding clouds!
After going to buy some bubble wrap this morning, we headed off for a short visit to Box via the London Road. Spotted this van, and wonder if the proprietor's first name was Topsy?
Down Church Lane in Box looking at the old church there. 
A desirable residence - teepee villas? 
Spent the afternoon wrestling a package into shape for posting (having sold some of the bits from the van refit on eBay) before taking Bella off to Alice Park for an afternoon stroll and ball chasing interlude. Not sure if I've featured this on the blog before showing who the park is named after. 
It was a lovely afternoon after the sharp showers that had rinsed the washing again earlier - just after I'd hung it out to dry. 
Interesting colours to the foliage and the cones on this conifer. 
Only in Bath would a private gate into the park be named after Jane Austen …
Another conifer with interesting berries 
The sun and clouds put on a lovely display. 
This sign on a piece of park about two yards wide in the far corner  - normal access will be resumed shortly indeed! Looking forward to going right into that corner again soon:-)
 Another nice occlusion of the sun by a lone cloud.
This day a year ago we were on the plane to Rhodes. This was crossing the Austrian Alps.
Su's news story of the day (Independent i Matrix website - click on the title for the full story):

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