Thursday, 26 September 2013

Our First Full Day on Symi This Trip

Waiting to get our tickets for the ferry across to Symi last night, we watched this floating tower block reverse out of its berth.
Looking towards the old town from Kolonna harbour. 
Up quite late this morning (something to do with going to the Sunrise Cafe last night, methinks) to see this view through our apartment door.
Out for breakfast so late that it turned into lunch, Su spotted this sewing machine perched on a wall. Where else would you put it?
The last of the season's tomatoes struggling on this plant. 
Really like this art by Ian Haycox on the flat wall of the Windmill restaurant …
… which is where we had supper last night - and delicious it was too. They weren't yet open when we were here in May, so great to catch them this trip.
Had lunch at the Olive Tree with the view across to Nimos. Good to see them so busy!
On the way to Sotiris to get some supplies, Su was taken with this vehicle. 
On a door on the way back to the apartment.
George came round with my guitar and we sat on the terrace shooting the breeze for an enjoyable couple of hours. We arranged to play at the Sunrise Cafe on Saturday night.  Looks as though Terri might do some bass duties, and hopefully Clare will be able to get up from Yilaos to do some singing. Went out later and spotted this carpet display, Symi style.
At Manteio's, I was impressed by this recycling approach to table top support.
Looking down the Pedi valley towards Turkey - I never tire of this view. 
Went to the American supermarket and then on to the Rainbow, and met up with several familar faces (including Kerry and Steve Finch©) - the Pedi valley was golden by then. 
This day a year ago, we went to Marathounda where we resisted the blandishments of scrounging goats while we ate our lunch. 
Su's news story of the day (BBC website - click on the title for the full story):

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