Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Foggily and Brightly We Go

A murky and misty morning greeted us today.
Our silver birch continues to delight and shine even as it gets slowly balder. 
Su drove me over to UWE for my last project supervision session of the semester - went via Lansdown, emerging out of the fog before re-entering it as we came off the top.
Went for a late lunch after that - driving back home from Widcombe, the sun on the hills was lovely. 
Took a slightly circuitous route - this was the sky looking south across the river. 
St Stephens church at the top of the hill looked suitably imposing as we came up from town.
Many thanks to our Danish Symi friend Tove Krogsbøll Holt, for a translation of yesterday's Chinese ideogram. She wrote "Your Chinese inscription simply means the surname Li (Americanized to e.g. Bruce Lee!). It can also mean plum but there is another Chinese word (sign) for plum, which is the common one." The joys of an international readership!

This day a year ago, we enjoyed a similarly murky - and colder - day, keeping the frost on the leaves for hours.

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