Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Two Days at Once

Catching up after yesterday's Bella feature. Yesterday, admired our cherry which is flowering ever more prolifically - at this rate it will soon be totally covered in blossom.
Walked down into town to meet up with Su. Passed this wall on Belgrave Cresent which - miraculously, given its angle - continues to stand. 
Passsed this wonderful display of quince - a splash of colour on an overcast day. 
On the way down the steps from Hedgemead Park, spotted some fresh tagging. 
Down on Walcot Street, the wine shop have a risque sign. 
Met up with Su at Komedia to see One Chance - a feelgood movie with James Corden about Paul Potts, the opera-singing winner of Britain's Got Talent. Not a challenging intellectual film, but enjoyable all the same.
Looking down at the screen from the balcony. 
 Afterwards,we wandered past some of the stalls in the Christmas Market and the roundabout.
Passed Bog Island, the former site of underground public toilets (now a nightclub) - which ironically has some temporary portaloos parked on top of it.
An idea for Kev & Claudia to add to the menu at the Sunrise Kafeneion on Symi? 
We wandered up Walcot Street and had a coffee opposite this shop with a poster for the stone faces featured in previous blog posts.
I managed to get close up and personal to quite a few of the stone faces… 
My thoughts exactly! 
The Bell has been given a lick of paint and the bell has been polished - reflecting the new community ownership perhaps? 
Took Bella out for a stroll and noticed this countdown sign (Number 77 is at the top of the hill nearest the sign, so I guess it makes some kind of sense). 
Out with Bella this morning, I was really taken with the colours and pattern on this leaf. 
Su pointed out this jolly fleece scarf to me yesterday at dusk on the way back up from town, It was bright enough to photograph it this morning.
Went in to UWE today fro IS dissertation progress review session. Spotted this giant Santa on the way in. 
Further up the road, Trees R Us has an even bigger Santa looming over the ring road. 
This day a year and a day ago, clear skies had led to frosted leaves for our morning walk.
This day a year ago, we had a rainy day with some of it dripping onto these leaves 
When We Were Young(er) this was our last view of Tilos waiting for the boat to Rhodes, looking back at the Blue Sky rooms where we'd stayed for the previous week.

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