Thursday, 19 December 2013

Early Sun, Giant Crane, Ducks and Visiting

A bright start to the day, which illuminated our cherry. blossom and the vine stems at the front of the house.
The sun shone and the skies were blue 
We drove over to Nailsea to visit Richard and Barbara. On the way through Weston, we had to wait while this big crane (with the name King Lifting on its side) moved a big girder off its lorry.
Came back via Chew Valley Lake - in the Summer season this hut is staffed by somebody taking entrance fees, but no fees until April.

I was taken by the regular spacing these seagulls managed to achieve on their fence
We've described Chew Valley Lake as sometimes being like the Mediterranean Ocean - but not today by the time we got there. It was a brief, brisk and cold walk for Bella. 
Before we left we came across these rather exotic ducks who are recent visitors t   Came home and then went Christmas visiting to see Stephen and Linda to round off a social whirl of a day!
This day a year ago, we went to the pictures after which I returned home with my cold to watch the miserable weather!

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