Monday, 30 December 2013

Scarf, Shaft of Light and a Shuttlecock

A wet and dismal start to the day - so I didn't jump out of bed nor dash to take Bella out. She didn't mind, but was happy when we did get out into a dry patch of weather.
Back in for the final visit by Brendan, our heating engineer - that should be the last we see of him in this connection for many months! What a relief to have a working central heating system, just as the weather turns more inclement… Out with Bella this afternoon in another dry spell, came across a rather nice scarf abandoned in the gutter. Left it on a wall for the owner to retrieve and wash, maybe.
Lovely clouds and skies over Little Solsbury seen from the top of the hill. 
Another abandoned item on a windowsill. 
Came over the top of Mount Beacon to be greeted by this break in the clouds and shaft of light.
 Further down the hill.
I've never come across an abandoned insole - starting to think that the longer I look, the more outlandish things I'll see… 
Another first - a shuttlecock! Bella tried to be interested in it, but it's not the same as a tennis ball…
This day a year ago, we were appreciating the benefits of sleeping in our back bedroom with a display of morning rainbows 

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