Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Grey Start, Sunny Afternoon, Year End

Another grey start to the day. The rain stopped and the skies cleared very gradually, so that by 3 o'clock at Widcombe this was our view.
We came home to take Bella for a walk - appreciated the colours on this heavily tagged garage door.
It was a lovely afternoon, with the palm trees being lit up. 
The setting sun against these trees brought out the mistiness in the valley beyond. 
It's been a while but the supply of abandoned hairbands continues! 
Here's something else that continues - Bella's unerring ability to find tennis balls and get me to kick them for her to chase. 
The setting sun was really quite spectacular. 
The sun's rays came through the holes in this old lock.
Somebody who cares about access… 
St Stephens Church against the sunset. 
Coming over the hill back home, these clouds provided a fitting end to the afternoon. 
This day a year ago, Su found this excellent poppy skeleton in our back garden.
…and not forgetting:-
Happy New Year!

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