Friday, 20 December 2013

Sun, Silhouettes and Guitars

A bright start to the morning - this was the view that greeted Bella and me as we left the house for our morning walk.
Cloud/vapour trail over the next terrace up the hill 
Bright blue skies at the top of Charlcombe Valley, with windows reflecting the sunlight.
The combination of vapour trail, sun and silhouette was very dramatic.
Looking down Malvern Terrace across to Little Solsbury. 
It was a lovely day to drive, which is what I did. The gravitational pull drew me back to Nailsea for a reunion practice of Left At The Lights (our first with all three of us since before Su & I went to Symi in September). Amazing how the songs are all still there! Went via UWE to drop off this guitar to get it rewired - I pulled it out of a skip a few days ago, and it seems fine apart from a bit of scuffed up paintwork on the body and dodgy wiring to the jack plug socket.
This day a year ago, I was walking Bella at dusk past this spooky willow.

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