Monday, 23 December 2013

Jaggy Eyes, New Boiler and Weather

I had planned to go down into town this morning, braving the apocalyptic weather forecasts and peruse the shops. My intentions came to naught when I had a bad migraine that laid me low for a few hours and then left me feeling quite spacey for the day. I was distracted by our heating engineer, Brendan, fitting a new boiler - we've finally admitted defeat with the old one, and now have heating everywhere, rather than just sat in front of our stove. Bliss! Su insisted that she take Bella out, and I didn't argue with her - so my only photo of the day is of rain clouds being scudded along by the winds. The winds have also driven some rain in under our upstairs windowsill, just to add to our list of maintenance tasks…
This day a year ago, it was a rain-free morning. Took some of our extra wood from the shed to find it covered with fungi - not a good idea to store damp wood in an enclosed space:-).

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