Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Skies on Fire

It was a grim and grey gloomy start to the day, which started to look brighter around noon. I went off to UWE for a project supervision session, and by the time I headed back home the skies were much less depressing than earlier. I pulled over outside Tracy Park golf course to take this picture.
By the time I got home to take Bella out for her afternoon walk, the skies were much clearer - as this view over Little Solsbury shows 
Great clouds over the top of this terrace. 
Impressive from this angle as well. 
Looking back over Little Solsbury from a bit further up towards the Royal High School. 
Up by the school, the setting sun was visible over their wall. 
Coming down the other side of the hill, it nestled between these trees. 
Walked along St Stephen's Allotments and noticed this sign next to a rose trained along the wall.
Liked these pretty seed heads in the border of the allotments. 
Impressive cloud formations for quite a while as the sun set. 
St Stephen's church framed against the sky. 
This day a year ago, I was up early and saw this sunrise before going into UWE for an Information Systems dissertation progress review meeting (just like yesterday!)
When We Were Young(er) on Symi in 2005, we went to Nanou beach - pebbly and frequented by goats and a donkey. The taverna had a fence to keep them from eating diners' food, but that didn't stop them peering at us as we ate!

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