Sunday, 1 December 2013

Yesterday's Sunshine and Today's Gloom

I couldn't resist showing a selection of pictures from yesterday's lovely weather, which Su also featured yesterday. This was dawn at the back of the house.
The sun warmed the far end of Charlcombe Valley. 
Sunrise at the front of the house. 
The sun also warmed our street and lit it with a golden glow. 
We went to Westonbirt, which Bella enjoyed greatly - not least because she found and enjoyed chasing and chewing this big stick. 
Still lovely colours to the trees with leaves still hanging on. 
Fungus with a blade of grass in the middle
The leaves on this tree were blown off by the wind as we passed by. 
Great leaves on this sorbus carpeted the ground. 
There has been clearing going on in this part of Silkwood, and there are stacks of woodland products distributed around.
Today, the weather has been overcast and grey. The bright leaves on the beech tree nearest the house were a beacon in the morning gloom.
Out with Bella this afternoon, spotted this old man's beard in the hedgerow. 
An abandoned fingerless glove for my collection. 
This scaffolding along Claremont has been up for months. 
The leaves have all fallen off our winter-flowering cherry.
The flowers are still blooming. 
Our mahonia is also in full flower at the moment and looking magnificent. 
We went over to Bristol to Bill & Patsi's for a yummy tea. Luckily, we managed to qualify for entry! 
This day a year ago, it was a magnificent morning - with great clouds, frosted roofs and mist in the valley. 
When We Were Young(er) on Symi in 2005 we walked up the "lazy steps" to the Chorio and said hello to this pair of young dogs on the way.

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